Genie Fuller on The Business Spotlight what she is doing to create referrals – YouTube

Genie Fuller on The Business Spotlight P2 what she is doing to create referrals – YouTube.  Genie Fuller is guest on The Business Spotlight TV show hosted by Patrick Dougher.
Patrick:  Welcome back to the Business Spotlight, Patrick Dougher here. We’ve got Genie Fuller in the room today and we are talking about ways to create an endless supply of referrals for you and your business. Genie, thanks again for being here.
Genie:  Thank you.
Patrick:  I want to get into more about what you’re doing to create the success that you’re having because I know you’re doing a great deal of training, speaking and presenting around the country to organizations that have a sales force — typically a fairly significant sales force –that they need to know how to get out of the old, in a sense, dialing for dollars, “Oh my God, please stop this. This is a rat race that’s just isn’t fun.” You said you had one client that within three years was able to do what most people couldn’t do in five.
Genie:  That’s correct.
Patrick:  Awesome.
Genie:  I’d like to tell you a story, Pat. I was training in one of the financial investment firms in Rochester, New York. This gentleman who walked in who was very tall, had hair the color of mine. He had been around a while.
Patrick:  He must have been around a while.
Genie:  Yeah, I know! He said, “I hope this is going to be different.” And I’m going, “Oh my gosh.” So I’m up there putting all the energy — and I like gestures anyway. When I got through I found out from the regional VP that he had been in the firm for 33 years and he ranked number five out of 14,000 people.
Patrick:  Wow.
Genie:  Well, in a couple of weeks he gave me a call and he said, “Genie, this stuff works. It really works!” I’m going, “Good, because I’m staking my life on it.”
His first client that morning had been Steve and he used my principles. The first thing when Steve came in he said, “Steve, before we get into today’s work, I just want to know what’s going on. What’s going on at the plant? What’s happening for you?”
He found a need, a problem that Steve was facing and stop the interview and called the other advisor and got that all set up. Then he highlighted what he had done for Steve over ten years. Then he made a few suggestions. Steve took his suggestions.
As Steve is leaving, he walked him to the door, he turned around and he said, “Well, I really appreciate you taking those few moments when I first came in and calling that other advisor. I’m going to call him when I get back to the plant. Is there anything at all I could do for you?”
Lyle says, “Well, as a matter of fact, there is. Even though I’ve been very successful, I’m still looking for more clients.” He said, “I’m looking for somebody about 52, 53 years old, probably lives on the north side of town, kids are in college, may own a manufacturing plant, and I really like to deal with macho kind of guys. It’s the kind of guy who would drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, he’s probably a hunter and he’s got a golden retriever in the backseat.”
The guy came up with three referrals right then, and this was a guy using all the training his firm had given him for ten years and never came up with anyone. When Lyle walked him to the elevator and we he got on held out the door and said, “Listen, Lyle, as soon as we get you those three, I’ll take you to my trade association. There are 28 more guys over there. They all have more assets than I do and I’ll help you get those as well.” 31 referrals.