Genie Fuller on The Business Spotlight the principals of her training – YouTube

Genie Fuller on The Business Spotlight P1 Q&A3 the principals of her training – YouTube.  Genie Fuller is a guest on The Business Spotlight TV show hosted by Patrick Dougher

Patrick:  That is awesome. You have actually developed a system for maximizing the networking experience. In the Dallas, Fort Worth area especially — and I know it’s everywhere else — but here a lot of times the people that join networking groups don’t have enough business to keep themselves busy. But you created networking groups that were high impact, high influence. You were attracting the best people, so to speak. How did you do that? What were the principles that you created this thing with?
Genie:  Before I get to the principles, this financial advisor came to me and her clients had to have half a million of investible assets. So we looked at who served that community and we invited those professions to join us. We looked to get the top ones in the city to do that, and that’s what we’re doing in Houston as well.
We have four basic principles and the first three a lot of network groups use, but I think the fourth one is the kicker. I’ll give you the first three first.
The first one is the rule of 250. Everybody has approximately 250 in their sphere of influence.
The second one I call the rule of specific targeting and it’s very counter-intuitive, but the more specific you are, the better it is to get a referral right now.
The third one is what I call the rule of equal exchange. By putting something out, you motivate someone, you inspire someone, to give something back to you. Most network groups — the successful ones — use those. But I think the kicker is the rule of emotional impact. When you can get your message out so they get it emotionally and they’re turned on, they kind of feel vicariously like a client felt. Then they go on automatic for you. It’s dynamite.
Patrick:  That is really excellent. So the four principles again. One is?
Genie:  The rule of 250. Know that people have a sphere of influence.
Patrick:  Second?
Genie:  The rule of specific targeting. Be very specific in who you want to meet.
Patrick:  Third?
Genie:  The rule of equal exchange. Do something for the other person. It could be give a referral. It could be help them in any way so they are motivated to give back to you.
Patrick:  And the fourth one is?
Genie:  The rule of emotional impact. Tell your story with a lot of emotion so they get it.
Patrick:  This is actually something you even train groups on and whole organizations where you’ll go in and work with their leaders, mid-level and up management typically, and train them to teach their frontline guys and gals to really create something that it attracts an endless supply of referrals.
We’ll talk about it as we go into the next segment. We’re going to talk about how valuable the referral is in comparison to the dialing for dollars, cold call, un-funness that most of us have to deal with.