Genie Fuller on The Business Spotlight P3 Q&A3 Skeliton Key for referrals – YouTube

Genie Fuller on The Business Spotlight P3 Q&A3 Skeliton Key for referrals – YouTube.  Genie Fuller is guest on The Business Spotlight hosted by Patrick Dougher
Patrick:  You’re giving them the keys to the kingdom. In fact, I’ve described it earlier when we were talking about this. This is kind of a skeleton key — a master key — that unlocks this endless flood of referrals that with the right people. I remember we’re talking about some research you did on valuable a referral is versus a cold call.
Genie:  I was talking with one of my clients and he said that he had taken a list of all of his clients and that he put a list over here of the ones he enjoyed working with and here were the ones he didn’t like working with. Everything was just about the same.
Then he realized that all the ones he enjoyed came from a referral, a real live endorsement, recommendation. And the ones over here that he didn’t like all came from cold prospecting. Isn’t that amazing? They come in with a trust level.
Patrick:  That’s such a key. You just hit it. You said one came in with the endorsement and the trust factor of “My good friend, Bob, recommended you. If he says you’re one of the good guys, then you must be one of the good guys because he says there’s only a few of them left.”
In your training, you’re actually giving them those keys. Aren’t you?
Genie:  I am.
Patrick:  When they’re coming in, they’re finding the ways to really attract the right people to them. Do you want to speak at conventions? The size of the corporation that you typically like to work for is how many sales people normally?