¨ Always looks for the good in people

¨ Is attracted to people who are hurting or in distress, takes action to remove hurts

¨ Is more concerned with emotional distress than physical need

¨ Loves to do thoughtful things for others

¨ Tends to be indecisive


¨ Presents the truth in a logical, systematic way

¨ Loves to study and do research

¨ Tends to neglect the practical application of the truth

¨ Is easily sidetracked by new interests

¨ Tends to be emotionally self controlled

¨ Often has only a select circle of friends


¨ Easily recognizes practical needs and is quick to meet them

¨ Has a hard time saying no to requests for help

¨ Needs to feel appreciated

¨ Tends to do more than asked to do

¨ Does no want to lead others or projects, does not easily delegate tasks

¨ Tends to be a perfectionist

¨ Is critical of others who do not help out with obvious needs


¨ Gives freely of money, possessions, energy, time and love

¨ Wants to feel a part of everything he or she contributes

¨ May use financial giving to get out of responsibilities

¨ Will pressure others to give

¨ Has a natural and effective business ability

¨ Loves to give without others knowing about it


¨ Sees things as either black or white, has few gray areas

¨ Easily perceives the character of individuals and groups

¨ Is frank, outspoken and may be evaluative or blunt

¨ Has strong opinions and convictions

¨ May be intolerant of others views

¨ May struggle with self-image problems


¨ Loves to encourage others

¨ Focuses on working with people

¨ Finds truth in experience

¨ Makes decisions easily

¨ Expects a lot of self and others

¨ Is outspoken and opinionated

¨ Tends to interrupt others in eagerness to give opinions or advice


¨ Highly motivated to organize

¨ Will assume management responsibilities if no specific leadership exists

¨ Easily organizes resources and people to accomplish tasks or goals

¨ Is willing to let others get the credit in order to get a job done

¨ Knows when to keep old methods going and when to introduce new ones

¨ Develops an outer callousness due to being a target for criticism