Feedback and Testimonials

“I can not say enough about Zig Ziglar’s “Strategies for Success” workshop directed by Patrick Dougher. I came to the workshop familiar with Zig’s great work , and also knew Pat as a gifted teacher, but I came away with much more than I expected.” – Cheri Howell

“As President of The Road Adventure, I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Patrick Dougher over the past five years. He has served on our Board of Trustees and is currently senior seminar director for Part 3 of our program. I have observed him from a distance, participated in training workshops he directed and watched him grow and mature as a speaker and teacher.

Pat is a gifted and passionate communicator who commands his audience with balanced intellect, humor, teaching and humility. He has the ability to deliver a structured, well thought out content while maintaining the flexibility necessary to read and adapt to the particular audience in front of him.

I would strongly recommend Patrick for consideration as a speaker for your organization and would welcome any further inquiry you may care to make.” -Danny P. Blevins, President, The Road Adventure

“My name is Troy Brewer, and I am the senior Pastor of Open Door Ministries in Crowley, Texas. We had the awesome privilege of having Mr. Pat Dougher come and speak to a large group of our church. His seminar was very informative and I believe lot’s of people left here with answers they’ve been searching for for a long period of time. Healing comes with understanding where exactly the “unprocessed pain” begins and that is what Pat explains and teaches in his class. He gives direction that comes straight from the Word of God and shows that Forgiveness plays a big role in their healing.

I believe that allowing Pat Dougher to teach this principle to the Body of Christ will make this generation and generations to come, much more confident in their walk with God and what He has planned for their lives. Some of the testimonies that I have heard so far are clarity, freedom, peace, and most important they have a hope that Healing is possible in their lives.

Thank you for your time and God Bless You.” – Pastor Tony Brewer

You can contact Pastor Brewer at: or visit his websites: and at or come by and see us at church in Johnson County Texas. Also be sure that you sign up to get Pastor Tony’s Fresh from the Brewer-E letters, by sending an e-mail to:

Required Speaker Skills Feedback

“The purpose of this letter is to help you know more about Mr. Patrick Dougher’s professionalism, warmth and enthusiasm when it comes to public speaking. I’ve known Patrick for approximately five years, and I’ve seen him utterly captivate audiences, time and time again. When he was speaking on a subject very dear to his heart, he had the audience’s rapt attention ~~ the old cliché does still apply here ~~ “they were on the edge of their seats” ~~ “you could hear a pin drop”. Patrick lets the audience see into his own life, his soul, and his experiences both good and bad. Everyone feels they can relate to him completely.

He’s been blessed with comedic timing ~~ knowing somehow exactly when to interject an anecdote to keep the audience’s attention through humor.

I believe we’re all born with inherent talents and gifts, different in each person. Patrick was born with the gift of Teaching. He genuinely enjoys researching, studying, reading, and sharing the knowledge he’s gained. He was the first walking/talking Library I’d ever met.

Patrick will be a tremendous asset to any organization with which he chooses to align himself.” – Lizabeth Marr, Carrollton, Texas, August 11, 2004

“I have had the privilege and honor to work with Patrick Dougher for 9 months. I see him once a month capture an audience. He cannot only get their attention, he has them waiting on the edge of their seats for the next tidbit of information. I believe what is so intriguing about Patrick speaking is his passion and his desire to help others. He is an educated man but does not make you feel inferior. I have seen him use his talent of reading people to know what level of communication he needs to use.” – Beth Landrum