Terri Suresh & Andrea Jones on The Wellness Curve P4 – YouTube


Terri Suresh & Andrea Jones on The Wellness Curve P4 – YouTube.


Terri:  Hi, I’m Terri Suresh. Welcome back to the Wellness Curve. I’m here with The Relationship  Coach and menglish expert, Andrea Jones. We were talking a little bit about the workplace and how women can’t understand and learn this culture difference, this menglish in the workplace to create harmony in the workplace. Let’s get a little bit back into that topic and just wrap that up a little bit. I finished a thought when you were speaking because sometimes I think a lot of women can take what we’re saying as we’re going backwards to the 50s in the States where we were just waiting on men hand and foot. That’s not what you’re teaching at all. Let’s just make sure that’s all very, very clear.

Andrea:  The States is a country which is wonderful when it comes to equal opportunity. We have equal rights and we should have equal rights. I’m not taking anything away from that that women can vote and have those positions, not at all. However, we’re not the same. We have equal rights but we’re not the same. If you forget about those differences we have, that’s when the problem starts.

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