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Genie Fuller on The Business Spotlight P4 Q&A4 endless referrals – YouTube.  Genie Fuller Has a system for creating lucrative referrals that she talks about here on The Business Spotlight TV.  Host Patrick Dougher asks her how her system is set up and how it works.

Genie Fuller, after a successful career as a Certified Financial Planner, launched CEO Network Partners to give professional business services a productive networking venue. Under her direction, members of CEO Network Partners’ Houston and Dallas groups have collectively generated more than $230,000,000 in business over the last 24 years.

To assure networking success, Genie developed a methodology for professionals to acquire profitable new business through referrals. She has trained professionals in a number of investment firms, financial planning boutiques, banks, law firms and accounting firms. Her Winning Referrals training teaches a low-key, productive process to acquire lucrative prospects through referrals.


Patrick:  I think that would be awesome. I know that when I look at what you’ve created in Dallas and Houston, and then nationwide, is a really a great piece of training. If you’re not strategic, which you started off with, we picked who we wanted to target.
Genie:  Absolutely.
Patrick:  Then you tend to troll,  is what it’s called. Right?
Genie:  Right.
Patrick:  Let me just review. The four principles again?
Genie:  Rule of 250, rule of specific targeting, rule of equal exchange, and the rule of emotional impact.
Patrick:  And they can get your e-book at?
Genie: We’ll teach them how to sidestep those networking mistakes.
Patrick:  And really turn on the faucet.
Genie:  One other little thing is for networking is just a sequence. I think they have to establish intrigue rather than explain what they do. Once the person is intrigued and says, “Tell me more,” then they intensify their value. Now they’re getting more into the explanation, hopefully a story, and then finally the person ends up inspired to meet with them.
Patrick:  That is awesome. I will tell you, that is a great tool, Genie. I know that anybody watching this is going to gain a great deal of real understanding on how to create an endless supply of referrals. The Business Spotlight is really about giving business owners the opportunity to tell their story, to let their audience — their prospects — see who they are to know what they can do for them.
Genie, thank you again.
Genie:  Thank you.
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