Genie Fuller on The Business Spotlight Training that Sticks – YouTube

Genie Fuller on The Business Spotlight P4 Q&A3 Imarting traing – YouTube.  Genie Fuller is a guest on The Business Spotlight TV show hosted by Patrick Dougher.

Patrick:  The one key that you’re doing that is so important, Genie, is that you’re imparting the information. You’re not just dispensing information.
Genie:  My distinction over the years has probably been my biggest goal was to help them get it emotionally, because if they’ve got it — and I don’t know how better to say that — then they implement. If they just understand it, it goes right through.
I had one branch manager who want me to do a 20-minute sales meeting and that was it. I said, “If the goal is to change behavior, forget it.” I think I can do a pretty good job but I can’t do that.
Patrick:  But isn’t that like somebody given one vitamin. “Here’s one a day, but you’re going to take one. Period.”
Genie:  One what for something.
Patrick:  Hello. It’s got to be something that is line upon line. You’re instilling this stuff in the people. What’s cool is that you’re doing it to the leaders first.
Genie:  Yes. The other thing that I am just rolling out is I want to help all the network groups that are out there and they’re trying so hard. So I’m preparing video lessons for the leaders in how to run the network group and what makes it successful, and then a series teaching six different skill sets to the members. They can buy the package and get their network group off and maybe they can give me a little challenge on this 230 million in sales.

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