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Elizabeth Naylor What she does P2 Q&A3 – YouTube.

http://www.ebenezerwellness.com/newsletters.html  Elizabeth Naylor of Ebenezer Wellness on The Business Spotlight TV show hosted by Patrick Dougher.
Patrick:  That’s awesome. When you begin the process with people, is there a starting point for people that you would recommend?
Elizabeth:  A starting point for most people is just to have a conversation with me. A call of 10-15 minutes conversation about where are you, what are you, what are your issues. And then from that point usually we can determine what program would be the best place for them to start.
For people who want to know more about me, go to my website, www.EbenezerWellness.com and sign up for the newsletter. That’s really the key to getting into understanding more about my practice, understanding more about what we’re doing and how we might be able to support your health goals.
Patrick:  You’re a prolific writer. There are a lot of articles already out there on http://www.EbenezerWellness.com where they can just click on and begin to search for information that might help them in the beginning. Would you agree?
Elizabeth:  Yes.
Patrick:  I recommend that you guys do that. Get with http://www.EbenezerWellness.com, check out the newsletter and sign up for it. It’s free, so just do it.