Elizabeth Naylor on The Business Spotlight Ideal Client – YouTube

Elizabeth Naylor on The Business Spotlight P3 Q&A1 Ideal Client – YouTube.

http://www.ebenezerwellness.com/newsletters.html  Elizabeth Naylor of Ebenezer Wellness is a guest on The Business Spotlight TV show hosted by Patrick Dougher.
Patrick:  Welcome back to the Business Spotlight. Patrick Dougher here. My guest today, Elizabeth Naylor of www.EbenezerWellness.com.
Elizabeth, I want to get into who you’re trying to reach. Who are you trying to reach?
Elizabeth:  My ideal client is someone who is really interested in thinking about their health differently. They’re very interested in feeling empowered and confident about their health and moving really from a place of fear to a place of empowerment. People who want to live their lives fully, not really looking for the next disease diagnosis, but really looking for health and not even for that to even be an issue in their lives.
The bulk of my clients are between 35 and 55 when they start with me, although I work with people of all ages who are ready to have a change in their life.
Patrick:  They’re ready to implement.
Elizabeth:  Right.