Trust Your Memory and Get Better Results

As I was training for the USA Memory Championship in 2009 I emailed the then World Champion, Ben Pridmore, and I asked him for advice he could give me as I trained. His advice was simple….trust your memory.


By Ron White memory expert and USA Memory Champion

As I was training for the USA Memory Championship in 2009 I emailed the then World Champion, Ben Pridmore, and I asked him for advice he could give me as I trained. His advice was simple….trust your memory.

That was it….trust my memory.

What did that mean? Well, when you are memorizing a deck of cards in a tournament you are timed and the fastest that you can do it the better. Often times, I would find myself focusing on a card for several seconds to make sure that I had it in my brain. Then I started with Ben’s strategy of ‘trusting my memory’ and I would start going fastest than I thought possible. Guess what? My brain still had the information at the faster speed!

It is much like speed reading. Most of use read slow not because that is the fastest that we can go but we really don’t understand how much our brain takes in going at fast speeds. Think about driving down the road at 70mph and all the signs, billboards and movement you are able to take in. The brain is the greatest computer ever created. So my advice is to trust your memory more!

This doesn’t necessary always means speed but it just means expect more from your memory. Stop saying to yourself, ‘Oh I am terrible with names’,’I am a poor test taker’ or ‘I just can’t remember like I used to!’ Trust your memory and I think you will be amazed. I went from memorizing a deck of cards in 6 minutes and 30 seconds to just over a minute because of technique but also because I started to trust my memory.

Trust your memory, trust yourself and improve your memory results.

Ron White is a good friend of mine and I have seen him use his memory to teach thousands to use their memory in ways they could never have imagined.   Several times a year Ron does a memory class that is 7 hours long.  Here is a sample video of how powerful the class is.   What great results!  I believe that once you have tried Ron’s memory techniques you will come to the same conclusion that others have found… It works!


Come to Business Social DFW Dean Linday plus 3 Panels on Marketing, Social Media and Sales Coaching

Come to Business Social DFW Dean Linday plus 3 Panels on Marketing, Social Media and Sales Coaching

This will be a dream team of speakers with:

  • Jim Fortin, Speaking on NeuroPersuasion
  • Jennifer Bagley,Social Media and Website Design
  • Patty Farmer,Networking like a Pro
  • Denai Vaughn, Making a Difference with your relationships from Networking
  • Jeff Crilley,Getting the Press to Notice you.
  • Craig Thompson, Google TV and how to use video on your site
  • * Brint Driggs, Developing a Message that Attracts clients
  • * Charlie Brown Huge on Twitter, Generating business off Twitter
  • * Ed Riefenstahl The Alternative Board, High level Mastermind group for Business owners called an Alternative Board
  • Judy Hoberman Just like the name implies… Selling in A Skirt.
  • Market Hall Dallas, October 30 2010 from 9am – 1pm ish…at 

Patrick Dougher
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Kay Tinguely Pat this really is a dream team. Why does it have to be on my daughter’s Birthday? Drat!
Thank you for inviting me 🙂
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Patrick Dougher Sorry, I just was asked to help fill the room so I contacted the most connected people I knew and say send Friends…KLTY had is on their Calendar for the past year. It may turn into something more frequent…Keep you fingers crossed.. I should say Pray Hard..
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Affiliate Classroom 2.0

Product Name: Affiliate Classroom 2.0
Launch Date: August 11th 2009 @ 12 PM EST
Product Author(s): Anik Singal
Product Price: Coming Soon..
Product Guarantee: 30 days

Anik Singal will be releasing his latest product Affiliate Classroom 2.0 on Tuesday, August 11th 2009 at 12 PM EST.

On this page, you will find:

* My Affiliate Classroom 2 Review
* My Affiliate Classroom 2 Conclusion: Is It Worth Your Time & Money?
* Information about My Affiliate Classroom 2 Bonus

* Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Review

Affiliate Classroom 2 is the next generation of online training from Lurn, Inc. The original Affiliate Classroom debuted several years ago and approximately 70% of the graduates of that program say they had all the marketing resources they needed to make money online.

Affiliate Classroom 2 is an improvement and calls itself an online university for affiliate marketers. Created by Anik Singal over a two year period, the Affiliate Classroom 2.0 training course provides step by step blueprints on how to make money online using the tools, techniques and templates that Anik uses to earn millions as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Classroom 2 is a comprehensive e-learning suite that includes not only coursework – but the tools, community, support and added edge that entrepreneurs need to make it from “I want to start my own online business” to “I own my own, profitable online business.”

What Does Affiliate Classroom 2 Look Like?

Here’s what Affiliate Classroom 2 members area will look like to students:

Affiliate Classroom 2This is the main page that students will see when logged in to Afffiliate Classroom 2 members area. We’ll touch on each of the main tabs as I cover other areas of the application.

What Makes Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Different from Everything Else Out There?

1. The Affiliate Resume / Affiliate Certification

Since Affiliate Classroom started certifying Affiliate Managers in 2007, Affiliate Managers, Networks and everyone else in the industry has been asking us: Can you certify Affiliates?

Well now we can say: Yes!

Affiliate Classroom students receive a “Class” ranking. This tells them, us, YOU and everyone else they are in touch with what level affiliate they are using a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the cream of the crop Super Affiliates.)

Affiliate Classroom use a combination of testing and real-world action to certify affiliates and give them a class ranking. Here’s what the “formula” looks like:

Affiliate Classroom FormulaAs students complete coursework and meet milestones, they move their way up the rankings. A Status Bar at the top of every page within Affiliate Classroom 2 reminds the students of their Class ranking and encourages them to increase it.

2. An Insane Number of Training Courses

Affiliate Classroom 2.0 is loaded with great training materials that show students exactly how to setup their website, generate traffic and drive buying customers to merchants/advertisers in return for top commissions.

Affiliate Classroom 2 is promising over 250 training courses available by the end of the first year. However, they are no slackers even now because there are 62 Courses being offered at launch covering the following topics

1. Affiliate Marketing – this section includes everything from the basics to advanced business models such as:

* Is Affiliate Marketing Right for You? If it isn’t, don’t you want to know immediately before you waste your time and money on something you don’t really want to do?

* What Affiliate Marketing Is and How It Works

* Affiliate Business Models

* Paid Search (PPC) Affiliate Business Model

* Natural Search (SEO) Affiliate Business Model

* Email (Opt-In) Affiliate Business Model

* Content Affiliate Business Model

* Comparison/Direct Sales Affiliate Business Model

* Community/Membership Affiliate Business Model

2. Legal and Ethical Considerations – this section provides you with “must know” information so you do not get into legal or ethical trouble as a result of just plain ignorance of the law covering:

* Legal & Ethical Issues in the Affiliate Industry

* Email Ethics and Spam Legislation

* Business Entities & Tax Considerations

3. Monetization – obviously the goal of setting up an affiliate site is to generate income. This section shows you exactly how to do that by discussing:

* Earning Commissions, CPA, and Other revenue sources

* Finding Products

* Finding Products that Fit Your Niche

* Niche Research & Selection

* Niche Research Tools: Free & Paid

* Merchants & Networks

* Finding & Evaluating Merchants

* Working with CPA Networks

* Working with ClickBank & Similar Networks

* Monetization: Choosing Affiliate Offers

* Monetization: Negotiating Commissions

4. Affiliate Websites – this section provides step by step training on how to setup your affiliate website the right way.

* Getting Started: Infrastructure, Tools, and Budgeting

* Building a Basic Website in HTML

* Choosing a Domain Name

* FTP, CPanel, and File Management

* Website Content & Copywriting Basics

* Copywriting – Articles & Blog Posts

5. Traffic Generation – without traffic to your affiliate website, it is impossible to make any money so traffic generation is one of the most important topics in the training. The following topics are covered:

* Traffic Basics: Types of Traffic

* Traffic Basics: Keywords & How They Affect Traffic

* Traffic Basics Metrics & Stats

* Free Traffic: Basic Models and Overview of Methods

* Free Traffic: Natural Search

* Free Traffic: Blogs and RSS

* Free Traffic: Opt-in and Email

* Paid Traffic: Paid Search (PPC)

* Paid Traffic: Ezine Advertising

* Paid Search: Principles and Best Practices

* Paid Search: Keywords, Bidding, and URLs

* Paid Search: Campaigns and Quality Score Issues

* Paid Search: Landing Pages and Websites

* Paid Search: Testing and Optimizing

* Paid Search: Intro to AdWords

* Paid Search: AdWords Campaign Setup

6. SEO Basics – search engine optimization is one way of getting free traffic from the search engines. But, to do so, you need to know the rules and how to use them effectively.

* SEO: Overview of Best Practices

* SEO: Keyword Research – Basic Methods

* SEO: On Page Factors

* SEO: Off Page Factors

* SEO: Link Building

7. General Marketing – No matter how great your website is, you still need to market the products you are promoting.

* Blog Business Models

* Content Marketing: Article Marketing

* Blog Marketing: Overview of Best Practices

* Blog Directories

* Web 2.0 Marketing: Overview of Best Practices

* Social Bookmarking: Why and How

* Viral Marketing: Video

* Email: Autoresponders

* Email: Incentivized Lists and “Squeeze” Pages

These first 62 courses appear to be a very good basic curriculum that will get you up and running and hopefully making some money online in a fairly short period of time.

3. More Supportive Content Than You Can Shake a Stick at

Not only is Affiliate Classroom 2 Training loaded with courses, we’ve also added a ton of great supportive materials.

Just take a look at the menu on the right – taken directly from the Training tab from Affiliate Classroom 2.0

Students can find everything from articles and case studies on a wide variety of affiliate marketing tools and techniques – to printable tip sheets and audio and video presentations that help reinforce the lessons in each of the courses.

Students can search the entire database of content by keyword – and – they can view lists of related content with each piece with the convenient list of “See Also” materials.

4. Fully Integrated Tools

Affiliate Classroom 2 ToolsAs if coursework, training and a ton of supportive content weren’t enough – we’re also filling Affiliate Classroom 2 with a great suite of tools.

Students can put their training to work using our keyword tools, URL tracking tools, a traffic-tracking tool that is easy to implement and understand, and a Datalocker where they can keep track of passwords, links and other files.

PLUS – Paid students have access to a fullyfunctional, hosting-included website builder. So there are no excuses – students can become affiliates right away!

5. A Community Built for Serious Networking

Affiliate Classroom 2 CommunityThe Affiliate Classroom 2 Community is more than just a forum… of course we have a forum…

But, we also have a way for students to build their professional, affiliate profiles. Along with their Class rankings, we track their:

* Websites
* Niches per site
* Promotional methods per site

We’re working to help them build their resume – to use when applying for program and negotiating higher commission rates – AND when finding other affiliates to partner with.

Students can find one another and create profitable “friendships” with other affiliates in the same niche or using similar promotional methods.
They can communicate with each other in the forum – and one-on-one through the internal messaging system.

* Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Affiliate Classroom 2 is an excellent training course for those who want to start a profitable online business or bring their existing business to the next level. If you are pressed for time or are more comfortable using self-paced individualized training, then this is the program for you. Affiliate Classroom 2 is designed to be flexible enough to fit and schedule and learning pace. I highly recommend Affiliate Classroom 2.0 course.

* Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Bonus

I have prepare the biggest Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Bonus packages for you. My Affiliate Classroom Bonus package is absolutely RELEVANT to what you’ll learn from Anik Singal and they COMPLIMENT all the sneaky tactics of Affiliate Classroom 2.0

In other words you won’t be getting a bunch of outdated PLR junk to clutter up your hard drive and you won’t be getting a bunch of crap that distracts you with information overload. My Affiliate Classroom 2 Bonus will help you to make MORE money in the long run!

To see more detail information about My Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Bonuses package, please visit the link below:

I Need A Website, But I Need Some Information First

The development of any website, no matter what size or budget, has to have a particular purpose in mind when you take the initial steps towards its creation. There are several reasons for building a website.

The development of any website, no matter what size or budget, has to have a particular purpose in mind when you take the initial steps towards its creation. There are several reasons for building a website.

1. You can present your products and services in their best light. You can personalise your business with images of shops, staff and stock. Your business will gain credibility in the eyes of your customers if your online presence adequately confers your positive qualities.

2. You can enable future customers to find out more about the business structure, its customer service policies and other reassuring information. This reassurance helps to break down any culture shock and therefore reduces any nervousness that a prospective client might be feeling about starting a new business relationship.

3. Your website offers a convenient method for your customers to order your products and services without having to visit your premises. Convenience of time is also a factor. Your customers may work during regular opening hours and the convenience of having a website to order from extends your accessibility to 24 hour per day.

4. A website can help you to extend your product range without having to personally stock every item in-store. Good suppliers can now dispatch items on your behalf and, if necessary, packaged in your own branded packaging. This reduces the outlay that you have to make on products and also makes it very convenient for you to update your current product stock.

5. Your current advertising, such as Business Cards, Flyers, TV, Radio, Word or Mouth etc, can refer to your website very easily and thus reduce the impact that these forms of advertising would usually have to make.

6. Your website can help you build a database of customers and other interested parties. This data is invaluable when promoting new product lines and service launches.

7. In-store sales are usually pretty swift processes. “Have you got this?”. “Yes, what colour would you like?”. Your website can supply unlimited information and allow your customers to browse through products. Clever website designs will develop interlinking to complimentary products and seek the multi-item sale that you may not have had time to suggest in-store.

8. Even if you cannot sell your products or services directly from your website, there are methods of making contacting your company very easy for your website visitors. By simply adding email details and contact telephone numbers you will find that prospective customers will be only too pleased to contact you to discuss their business needs.

9. A well designed website, packed with unique, high quality content and offering services that people need will compete in markets that you would never have previously considered. Whether you would like to sell regionally, nationally or even internationally your website can be the tool that allows you to get your products out to those markets.

So, with these reasons for your website to exist you must start to plan its creation. You will have to decided whether you will want a professional web design company to undertake the development or whether you could have a go for yourself. Most people, especially small business owners will try the latter option first. It is important to realise that building the website is the easiest part of your project. You might even find the design process very enjoyable as it helps to clarify your business, its services and products, your competition and potential opportunities that you might be able to take advantage of. However, without proper marketing your website will not reach the customers that you value. Online Marketing is essential to enable a small website to reach its optimum audience. There are companies that specialise in Online Marketing, you might find they call the practice Search Engine Optimisation, but you should carefully investigate the services that these companies provide. Look for an SEO company that provide services that cover SEO for all the major search engines (not just Google), also you will need to focus upon new social media techniques and build networks via link-building etc. These will help you widen your coverage throughout your industry and also into compliment industries.

Where I would always advise you to seek a local web designer to build your project, it is not really necessary that your SEO expert be nearby to perform good marketing services. Although I would advise you to arrange a staged payment structure when using remote SEO services. These will protect you from an SEO that might not be unable to gain the results that they advertise. You can pay a down payment, but agree points of success that you will pay each stage thereon.

I hope that you will feel that building your first website is a worthwhile venture. If you need help or would like advice please feel free to contact me to discuss your project.

Thanks for reading

Colin Hall

Colin Hall is a Norwich Web Designer and SEO who specialises in bringing life back to failing websites and helping the smaller websites to compete in very competitive markets. His wife Beverley offers Norwich Accounts and Bookkeeping Services to all of Norfolk.