The Business Spotlight advisor Team’s Predictions for Media and Marketing in 2013

Media is changing so fast. Here are some predictions to help formulate your marketing plan for 2013 from the advisory team on The Business Spotlight TV show in the DFW area hosted by Patrick Dougher. Guest include Marc Harty of and MainTopic Media, Kathy Brandon or and Luis Estrada of

My top Predictions for 2013.

Patrick Dougher

1.   TV is going to become much more interactive.  ie, “Optional endings for shows, choose the ending you want,

2.   Social Media integration… Facebook shows and the ability to ask questions of the guest on the show.  Is being done on some shows already, will grow in a big way.

3.    Youtube channels that will be an extension of the Network Channels already out there.

4.    People will continue to pull away from Advertisement intensive stations.  There are some channels on TV now that have 12-15 commercials at each commercial break.  People are looking for Real and Authentic people that can give them good information in an Edutaining Way.

Bonus… SEO of your video will become a must for you to get the results you want from your video investment.


Here are my predictions/trends for PR
along with an accompanying image.
(See attached.)

Marc Harty of MainTopic Media

1. Visual PR: tell the story in pictures
Many press releases are still text only but the benefits
of adding images, video, social media integration can
boost views up to 10 times! (See supporting graphics.)

2. Become a Newsjacker!

A powerful PR technique is to insert your story
into a current event. But tread carefully because
it is high risk/high reward. (Will provide examples
of a successful newsjack and one that backfired.)

3. The Niche Pitch: going beyond traditional media and the press
The rise of influencers that often get more visibility and traffic
that traditional media outlets. Think authority web sites, bloggers,
and other online influencers.

3. Reputation, Reputation, Reputation!
PR has gone beyond just a series of announcements.
It’s about proactive “PR as content” marketing. Especially
since your online reputation is only one bad review/comment
away from potential ruin. Ideas and examples on being
proactive with your reputation and what to do when it is
under attack.




Predictions from Kathy Brandon:

Kathy Brandon is a sought after Social Media Marketing Strategist who knows how to convert social media activity into Lead Generation that her clients can attach a real ROI to.



1)  We have educated the consumer, therefore, they don’t want us telling them what to buy, how to buy it, and when to buy it.  They want businesses to have open conversations with them, listening and offer multiple ways of consuming.  The businesses that are already engaging and listening to their customer’s utilizing social media are ahead of the pack.


2)  Everyone is going to have to get a lot better at Content Marketing.  Businesses that don’t blog, will now need to blog, businesses that only place ads on social media will need to begin dialogue through a Content <Writing and Video> Strategy and Marketing.  Our consumer wants to research before buying and people now do their research online.  The businesses that can write and produce video are the ones who will win the race this year.


3)  Visual graphics and Visual content is going to be more important this year.  This is the year of video marketing.  With the changes in google search, the horse to bet on this year are the businesses who invest in the VISUAL branding.



Predictions in TV from Luis Estrada.

Luis is a Producer, Writer and Director for ES Creative Gang a multimedia and film production company.


1. Video entertainment will continue to move toward a highly interactive environment.  Broadcast and network TV will become “barker” channels marketing new shows that the consumer will have to pay for later.  Consumers will opt to endure the commercials and not pay, or pay NOT to have commercials.


2. Entertainment will become “sponsor” driven, where they will sponsor programs with product integration, commercials and interactive invitations.  Advertisers will commit to shows not to networks.


3. The challenge for the next few years is marketing your service or product will have to use a much broader media mix, unconventional mediums to promote their product or service.  The good thing for smaller marketers without the P&G budgets will be on a more level playing field as long as the creative is brilliant, the challenge is you’ll have a million people vying for the consumer’s attention and the audience has a very short memory.