Bob Bare on The Business Spotlight Q&A The power of a Book – YouTube

Bob Bare on The Business Spotlight Q&A The power of a Book – YouTube.
What does your book really mean for you as a speaker and a mentor and a leader and a business owner?
Bob:   What I discovered in the process of writing it and getting it published is that a book is not an end in itself. So many people think that, “Oh, I’m going to write this book and it’ll go up in the bookstores and people will buy it and I can just sit back and watch things happen.” Writing a book and then getting the book published is really the easy part.
The good thing is once you’ve become an author, once you’ve taken your specialized knowledge and put it into a book for other people, then it becomes a tool that you can use not only to assist other people in what the message of your book is, but it becomes a tool to let people see that you are an expert. It’s a demonstration of who you are and what you know. It opens so many doors.
Since I’ve published the book I’ve discovered that people like to hear people speak who are authors. I’m a Rotarian. I love rotary but I’ve ended up not only going to my own rotary club, I go up speaking to other ones. I usually speak on how to become a published author and I give people, in as much time as I have, some ideas and tips on how to get a book out of you.
I really enjoy helping people with that. I would say that maybe two out of three people feel like, or have the thought, or have someone tell them, “You ought to write a book,” but people don’t know where to start. I like to help people gather their thoughts. I like to help them discover if it would even be worthwhile for them to write that book, if what they’re thinking about writing is the right one for them, and then when they find what they really would love writing, giving them some steps and some suggestions and coaching them into getting themselves to the place where it turns into something that they can use to spread their message.
There are all kinds of different books: nonfiction, children’s books, fiction. Whatever the type, I like to help people who have a book that will make some form of a positive impact on the world. Typically that ends up being something in the self-help field or entrepreneurship, helping other entrepreneurs, or something that will help people.
We have an author that we’ve published a couple of books for who is the mother of one of the youngest firefighters who died in 9/11. She had written two children’s books — one called, “My Son Christopher” and another called, “The Day the Towers Fell” — and she basically took what was in her heart.
She had the desire to teach people how to tell their children about 9/11 and how to give them a positive message that this was, yes, an act of hate, but how you can turn it around and how you need to learn to love and share. It’s so rewarding to help people with a message like that get their message out to the world.
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