Bob Bare on The Business Spotlight Q&A Building a Great team – YouTube

Bob Bare on The Business Spotlight Q&A Building a Great team – YouTube.
Patrick:  The businesses that you’re doing right now. Briefly tell me what they basically do.
Bob:  I have some audiology clinics in Texas. We send teams out to long term care facilities and we help people hear better. That’s basically now a business that is absentee ownership. I drop by and say hi and visit the people every couple of months.
Patrick:  You don’t mind cashing the checks though.
Bob:  No, I don’t mind that.
Patrick:  I know it’s a very successful business and you’re kind of downplaying. You’ve built a really cool thing.
Bob:  I have really built and gathered a great team. The people are great and that’s why it runs so well by itself. It’s a team of people who care about what they’re doing. They care about helping other people. They care about serving people. I can just let it go because they care so much about being effective and being good.
I eventually found someone who was great at administration and who was great at running the company for me. You’ve interviewed him. You know Odell. That’s what freed me up to go on to my next shiny object.
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