Bob Bare on The Business Spotlight Q&A Bobs Story – YouTube

Bob Bare on The Business Spotlight Q&A Bobs Story – YouTube.
Patrick:  I want to get into your story because you’ve been very successful in business. Then you became an author and now you’ve created a system to help others create massive success. How did you create this?
Bob:  I’ve always been an entrepreneur since I was a teenager. I guess I learned through failure. You learn through the school of hard knocks, and I’ve gone through all of the mistakes that you read about by people like Michael Gerber in “The E-Myth.” I’ve created businesses where the whole business was created around me and if I tried to go to lunch, I would get calls during lunch because it couldn’t operate with me gone.
Now I see people who are doing that with their business and it makes me feel for them. People start their businesses because they want freedom, at least in my case. I’m the creative type of person. I’m the guy who sees the shiny objects. I had a friend give me a card one time that said, “Stay focused. Let the shiny objects float on by.”
I see opportunities all the time. We have a potluck after church and one day I was sitting around a table with several guys. We were talking about business and I came up with a new business idea. My wife happened to be walking by and one of the guys said, “Hey, Jan. Bob just came up with a new idea for a business.” She just kind of rolled her eyes and kept walking and said, “Not another one.”
I had to learn the hard way what it takes, after you have that creative idea and after you create a business that really works, to get out of it. How to build a team that can make the business run smoothly like a watch so that you can look for your next idea and you can move on and do something else. What’s exciting to me are opportunities, seeing opportunities, creating something that answers a need in the marketplace. But once I’ve done it, once I’ve created it, I hate the administrative part.
I discovered, like a Realtor might say, that each of us has what I call our highest and best use. It’s important for people to find out what they’re passionate about and what they’re good at. If you’re listening to this — whether you’re in a job or whether you’re in your own business — and if you drag in to work every day not wanting to be there and reluctantly, you’re probably not in your highest and best use.
I tell people that your highest and best use is when you’re doing the thing that you would almost do for free. You would get up in the morning and want to go there whether you’re getting paid for it or not. I love to see people when they find that sweet spot that they’re excited about because then they’re so much more productive. Then they can help other people.
I’m 58 now and as I get, I’ll call it more mature, it’s more and more important to me to be doing something with my life that’s making an impact someplace. I want to leave a legacy behind. I feel like a lot of people do also. I’m long past the days where I just want to create a business and make a lot of money. No, I want to do something that has a positive effect, a positive impact on the world.
You can only do that when you’re doing something that you’re having fun with, that you’re enjoying. What I’ve discovered is what I really enjoy now is I love finding the sweet spot for other people. I love helping other people find what they’re best and highest use is, what they’re good at, what they’re an expert about, what their passion is, and then helping them create an impact in the world.
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