Jody Roberts says…

“Patrick Dougher is an extremely gifted teacher and speaker. I spent more than a year with Patrick in the seminar he directed at The Road Adventure. It is a personal growth and development seminar. I received an abundance of practical tools from Patrick to immediately employ both personally and professionally. Patrick’s gifts of teaching and speaking are used for more than dispensing information. He is able to break it down to the practical and useful for you. Thus, his gifts of motivation, encouragement, and inspiration are also manifested. I’m eternally grateful, I was able to spend over a year learning the tools of successful living from Patrick. It truly changed my life! If you have a desire to take your personal and professional life to a new level – you need to get in front of Patrick Dougher and Doer Success Systems. You will gain the tools in his network groups, business coaching, and seminars that will truly make a difference in your life. Do yourself a huge favor, make the investment of your life into the Doer Success Systems. As Patrick would say, “Just Do It!””
Jody Roberts

What Others Have To Say

What Others Have To Say
“Pat and I have worked together with Mike Crow to form and operate our business group –  Pat’s demonstrated to me that he lives the Christian life, has an amazing work ethic and is dedicated to the success of everyone he touches.”

May 22, 2007, Scott Braden, President, Microsoft License Secrets
was with another company when working with Patrick at Doer Success Systems

“In today’s world it seems easy to post a compliment or recommendation almost on a whim and too often because it appears to be politically correct. When I make a personal endorsement, it is due to someone that is extending their level of ‘good service’ to a level of ‘excellent or exceptional’ on a consistent basis. I am privileged to provide a recommendation for Pat Dougher. Pat is what I call the ‘real deal’. He not only makes excellent professional presentations and provides thoughtful insights … he also walks his walk. I have worked with Pat in various networking groups and associations as well as attended his professional presenter’s workshop. It would serve you well not only to connect and communicate but also attend any seminar or workshop in which Pat is providing or is a part the presentation. What you learn with Pat lasts forever.”

March 8, 2007,Jon Stotts, COO of List of Leads
was with another company when working with Patrick at Doer Success Systems

“Patrick is a gifted motivator/speaker and will teach and encourage you and your employees to reach new heights in your business. If you want to increase your business, Patrick Dougher and Doer Success Systems is for you!”

February 13, 2007,  Executive Director, The Road Adventure
worked with Patrick at Doer Success Systems

“Pat’s abilities as a speaker are tremendous. His combination of humor and ethics allows everyone who listens to him better themselves. Pat is a natural leader. Very capable and completely interested in developing relationships that are meaningful. Through this effort, Pat creates an environment where you want to succeed. I recommend Pat 100% and believe all those that work with him will come away a better person.”

February 12, 2007, Jack Wrigley, Director of Carrier Sales-The Americas, NCI
worked directly with Patrick at Doer Success Systems

“Whether as a close friend or business associate, I’ve learned a great deal from Pat. He was and is my mentor in the public speaking arena. He is very professional, skilled, funny and personable – a truly gifted teacher, who can take virtually any topic and make it fun and easy to understand. If you need a top-notch motivational coach/speaker for any event, Patrick Dougher is your man!”

August 15, 2006, Rob Skiba, Multimedia Director, East-West Ministries
reported to Patrick at Doer Success Systems

“I’ve had the honor to work with Patrick in both a professional relationship and a personal friendship, at which he both excels. People like Patrick not only motivate you to conquer the task at hand, but to go on and conquer life.”

January 6, 2006, Kirk Revell was Patrick’s client