Bob Bare on The Business Spotlight Q&A Bob has Systems for Creating Success – YouTube

Bob Bare on The Business Spotlight Q&A Bob has Systems for Creating Success – YouTube.
Patrick:  I know that you guys have systems that will take somebody from the beginning of, “I’ve got an idea,” all the way through to being published on a national scale. You have systems and marketing and part of your business services actually taking somebody through that.
I also know that you have mastermind groups and things of that nature that are coming. I also know that there are even monthly groups in the DFW area and probably throughout the nation in the not too distant future.  Do you want to say anything about those?
Bob:  Sure. Some people have more time than money and other people have plenty of money but no time, and those are two different problems. We can help people coach people along if they’re taking their time and they’re looking for a way that they can afford.
There are other people — professionals, experts, people in the healthcare industry — who have a great idea for a book but they just don’t have much time. I like to help those people strategize, come up with what the book is about, get as much information from them as possible and then take that information, transcribe it, and get them assistance in putting it into a book form. For people who need a done-for-you model, we can help them out with that too and that’s fun.
Patrick:  That’s great. And then these expert groups, what are they?
Bob:  In the Dallas, Texas, area on the second Monday of each month we have a get together at our office called Dallas Experts Network.
Patrick: So we’re going to come to the DEN?
Bob:  You’re going to come to the DEN and have fun learning and listening and networking with people and creating an environment of networking and fun.
Patrick:  Very good. Folks, this has been the Business Spotlight and my guest today, Bob Bare, has a system to take you from an idea to creating a profitable legacy that can change your life forever — and those around you. This show is about giving you the opportunity to tell your story.
I’m Pat Dougher. We’ll talk to you all next time. Thanks.
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