Bob Bare on The Business Spotlight Q&A How to Connect with Bob Bare – YouTube

Bob Bare on The Business Spotlight Q&A How to Connect with Bob Bare – YouTube.
Patrick:  Welcome back. This is the Business Spotlight. I’m Pat Dougher. Bob Bare is my guest today and if you’ve been watching, you have gained so many pearls of great price in my opinion. I like to call them nine pound pearls because he paid a high price to get them and they have got to be worth it.
I’ll tell you that if you listen to him, if you engage with him, if you go to, you’re going to find that he has a key to helping you become as successful as you want to be. Bob, thanks for being on the show.
Bob:  Thank you.
Patrick:  If someone wants to connect to you, What is it that they get when they do?
Bob:  First of all, they start learning. Like I told you, experts educate and so I try to educate. If they want more information on entrepreneurship from my book, I have a series of videos. They can opt-in to my list, give me their first name and email address, and get access to 20 videos that teach them about entrepreneurship.
If they are an author who is working on a book or has a book published and they’re looking for ideas or strategies on how to take what they’ve done and turn it into a business or turn it into extra income — like I said, I’m the shiny object guy. I like coming up with ideas. I like creating strategy. I like creating business models.
One of the most difficult things for authors after they get their book written or when it’s practically finished, one of the very difficult things is finding a publisher. There are a lot of information. There is a lot on the Internet to read about out there and I encourage people to do that.  But basically, it comes down to a couple of choices. Am I going to self-publish my book or am I going to look for a traditional publisher or are there other options? The answer is not the same for all people.
I like to talk to people on the phone. If people set up and appointment with me, I can probably spend at least half an hour finding out what their ideas are and maybe giving them some suggestions and then seeing if there was anything that we could do together that might help.
In the self-published realm, there are a lot of great books that are self-published and I’m so glad that people are able to do that because there’s so much information available that we would never be able to get if everyone had to find a traditional publisher that would agree to publish their book for them.
Self-published books are great but there are some things to learn about that. There are some tricks of the trade. For example, if you want to self-publish a book without putting up stop signs and roadblocks for getting a publisher later on, there are some things that you should know and some things that you can do for your first self-published books that will prevent getting you on that bad guy list. If you want to find a traditional publisher, there are things you need to know about that — or if you want to go someplace in the middle.
One of the things I enjoy doing is helping people through the process. If they want to get their book published through a traditional publisher but still have the option of being able to purchase books themselves for their own use at a price that’s close to printing, there’s even an option for that. You don’t have to have it one way or the other. There are some answers that solve both problems at the same time that are really great.
So many things are individual for each person. It depends sometimes on the type of book they’re writing — whether it’s fiction, children’s, self-help, entrepreneurial. There are different choices along the way.
One of my favorite words is “innovation.” I don’t like to always create something that’s the same for every person. When I hear someone who says, “This is the answer for everybody,” it makes me kind of scratch my head and hesitate a little bit. I like to come up with new ideas, fresh ideas, or take a combination of things — like creating a recipe — and then finding success.
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