Genie Fuller on The Business Spotlight Lucrative Referrals – YouTube

Genie Fuller on The Business Spotlight P4 Q&A1 Lucrative Referrals – YouTube.  Genie Fuller is a guest on The Business Spotlight hosted by Patrick Dougher.

Patrick:  Genie, thank you so much. I want to get into how people can connect to you. Where do you want them to go?
Genie:  I would love for them to come to my new website where I’m giving away a free e-book. The title of the e-book is “How to Sidestep the 7 Costly Networking Mistakes and Attract Lucrative Prospects.” That website is
Patrick:  Very good. It’s on the screen, so they can read it there. They’ve got your phone number. Your phone number is the 713 number?
Genie:  (713)702-6331.
Patrick:  They’re going to get the e-book. That will get them started. That will also give you the opportunity to touch base with them afterwards. It’s a great book. When I looked at that I sit there and all I could see was “lucrative.”
Genie:  That’s a good word.
Patrick:  Lucrative referrals — I’ll connect those two in my mind. It’s just about lucrative referrals. But it is, isn’t it?
Genie:  Yes. It’s establishing influence in order to increase affluence.
Patrick:  I’ve heard that before. I don’t know where.
Genie:  I think we talked about that before.
Patrick:  We did talk about that before. But it is. You increase influence. You’ll increase affluence. It’s a byproduct, isn’t it?