Attention Speakers…Easy Ways to Market Without Money

If you increase your Influence you will raise your Affluence.

I was at an event this past weekend called “Got Motivation Then Speak” and shared some tools that I use to increase your influence in your market place and “Credentialize” yourself. I don’t remember where I heard that word but when you get on radio or TV it adds a huge boost in your credibility to your audience. Most of us don’t realize the power of creating Influence. I say if you want to raise your Affluence, raise your Influence. Download this talk and let me know way you “Credentialize” yourself.

The Money is in The List…

We have all heard this as marketers but how many of us invest the time to actually build the list we want? So often there are 100+ things that get in the way. I know a few years ago I finally broke down and got a Virtual Assistant. I could not believe how much freedom just 10 hours a week bought me. I mean how many of us love to do “Administrivia”. Well I am always looking for ways to shorten the sales cycle with my prospects so coming across a “List Building” tool like Kevin Wilke provides was a big blessing. I hope you will check out what they are doing and build a big list. Let me know what you think of this service because I see Kevin each month and would love to give him your feedback. Thanks again. Now go HERE

PS. I have made some changes to my TV informercial offer, so if you would like to raise your Credibility to a whole new level email me at and let’s visit about getting you on my show.